Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Glitter, Sparkles, and Dinos...OH MY!

Every night when we're tucking her in to bed Rylan now asks, "Can I have another birthday tomorrow?" After a full week of birthday celebrations, I think a little certain someone has discovered she REALLY likes being in the spotlight. Given the fact that my husband can't get ready for work in the morning without being covered in glitter by the time he walks out the door....and mommy has to assist with 15 costume changes every day....I think we all could use a break from the sparkly tutu's and presents.

The dinosaur theme ended up being much more fun than I had originally thought....only because wonderfully talented people in the world have allowed their ideas to go public (aka Pinterest), so cyber stalkers such as myself can appear mildly creative :)

Dino prints leading to the door of the cabin...

I knew those countless hours spent on locker signs waaaayyyy back in the high school cheerleading days would someday pay off...

What is it with my kids and frogs???!

3 dinosaur eggs for the birthday girl's dino egg hunt...


Post hunt....checking to see what kind of critters were inside the eggs. They were hoping for baby velociraptors....unfortunately, they got watermelons :)

**Special thanks to Alison and Krystal , who's blogs gave me some amazing ideas!!!**

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