Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend fun....

Yesterday, we took full advantage of the dreary, cold, windy crapola weather and went bowling. B and I have been together for over 8 years and this is the 1st time we'd ever gone bowling together. SO. MUCH. FUN. We had a dear friend of ours with us (who thankfully remembered her camera), whom the kids affectionately refer to as 'Tornado Jessica'. Little minds NEVER forget....she and her boyfriend were at our house long ago when we unexpectedly got some nasty weather and the tornado sirens went off. So, we set up camp in our basement and had a tornado party....Rule of Life #783, any word seems a LOT less scary when you add party to the end of it! Thanks, Tornado Jess, for documenting a fun day!!

Rocking the bowling kicks....

Someone was really excited....she even had to wear her 'lucky tights'. And, yes, she really does call them her lucky tights. Big brother was pretty excited to be the helper.

OH, the anticipation!! And the ball took a really, really loooonnnnnngg time to make it to the pins. All twenty rolls.

Proud big brother and really proud sister. This is her best version of Dora's 'We did it' dance.

You can definitely tell that we had a female friend with us....mommy is actually included in a picture! I swear, if you look back through our family photos it's like I never even existed....

I truly hope no one ever spoils the secret and tells him it's not really the lowest scorer in bowling that is the winner :)

CF update : Rylan had clinic a week and a half ago, and other than she is still a little skinny minnie, she got a clean bill of health. We got 'the dreaded call' this past week with her culture results, however this time I think the nurse had to put the phone down for a minute as I screamed loudly in her ear after she said NO PSEUDOMONAS! Thank you, GOD. The dietician wants to see us back in 6 weeks to track her weight. Since January, she's grown an inch and a half and put on less than a pound in weight....bringing her BMI back down to 22%. I struggle with this...since she is pancreatic sufficient I have a hard time loading her up with calories and fat...but on the flipside, studies show CF'ers (regardless of pancreas function) that weigh more have bigger lungs and bigger lungs function better. So, I am putting my mommy issues aside and trusting our dietician. Got to go serve up some guacamole :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

T Time.....

It's funny. When I look back through my blog posts, they rotate almost every other time between being positive and being negative. My hubby would probably say, that's not funny honey....that's what they call bi-polar. Whatever. I say it's called motherhood.

So, keeping up with that comes a happy post :) I wanted to share some details on an upcoming Rylan's Renegades fundraiser! On the 29th of this month, we are hosting a Rally for Rylan Pub Crawl. SO SUPER EXCITED. Our bus capacity is supposed to be 80....we are at 95. Oops :) We are beyond thrilled with the response we've gotten and are looking forward to making it even bigger and better next year!

Unfortunately, we can't take any more people along for the ride...but if you want to purchase a Rylan's Renegades t-shirt, send me a message and let me know! The cost is $20 and all proceeds will benefit our Great Strides team. Love, love, LOVE how they turned out! Rylan's Renegades....Outlaws fighting to cure cystic fibrosis!!!