Friday, February 25, 2011

When it rains.... pours.

A friend sent me a Facebook message recently that said, "Don't wait for the storm to pass....learn to dance in the rain."

Well...this was me on my wedding day. Literally. But, for a girl that has no rhythm...I've gotten pretty good at dancing in the rain.

I won't go into the gory details, but these past few weeks have been a say the least. As a mom, I've gotten pretty good at 'juggling'. I juggle appointments, meetings, phone calls, emotions, medications, treatments. You name it, I toss that ball up into the air and juggle it. All these stupid balls are going round and round up in the air. I had gotten so good at it, that sometimes one little ball would drop and softly land on the ground...and I wouldn't even notice it was gone. I would continue juggling the rest like nothing had happened. These past few weeks, literally every other day, a ball would drop. Loudly. KERPLUNK. Oh! There goes a ball! KERPLUNK!! Oh, no! There goes another ball. And so on...until I was left standing here, staring blankly into space surrounded by these stupid balls on the ground.

Kohen's cold turned into a severe sinus infection, and Rylan's double ear infection turned into RSV. I have never been so scared in my life. I have never seen a child cough like she coughed, bracing herself before the cough and gasping for air after the cough. I took her into the CF clinic on Valentine's Day where they took both a throat culture (thank heavens the results from that came back normal) and did a nasal swab to check for the RSV. Bingo. Within 15 minutes the nurse told me that the nasty cough culprit was RSV.

(We have a new nurse at our clinic and I absolutley ADORE her. This was her 1st 'official' culture all by herself, and she was so concerned that Rylan was going to be scared of her forever, she put together a little mini bouquet of flowers and made her a bracelet. Needless to say, Rylan now has a babydoll named after this nurse. I'm sure she's going to expect the same royal treatment at every visit.)

And now we'll address the giant elephant in the room. Valentine's Day? You were at the doctor, you say? Weren't you supposed to be at the realtor's office signing closing documents on your old house?? Hmph. I went to church last weekend and the entire sermon was about not judging others and rather than using words to break people down, use words to build them up. So, I will not fill the rest of this post with words that I so badly want to say. Words that would make the dirtiest of sailors blush....instead, I will continue dancing in the rain.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it Spring yet???!

Our healthy streak this winter has come to a close. Ugh. JUST in time for the craziest week yet. We moved into the rental this past weekend and close on our old house this coming Monday. Which means this week involves (or WOULD have involved) a LOT of running back and forth between the two, packing/moving/storing all the random leftover stuff. Now, however, Mommy is running back and forth from the couch to the Kleenex box to the medicine cabinet.

Kohen's cough is every parent's worst nightmare, but couple that with the fact that he is now sharing a room with his baby sister....who happens to have CF.....and, well, you can imagine what that is like. The cough started on Saturday and, so far, Rylan has yet to catch it. THANK YOU GOD. Instead, this morning she informed me her tummy hurts.....and then she proceeded to throw up all over the kitchen.

Now they are both lounging on the couches (separately!) watching a Dora movie....again. Our cable doesn't get hooked up until Thursday and I swear if I hear 'Backpack! Backpack!' one more time, I may get sick.....

(If you've never heard of this oil before, I HIGHLY recommend it! It's called Thieves Oil and has helped Kohen's cough SO much. It's a little pricey, but you literally apply one drop to the bottom of their feet and it quiets the cough. My husband tells me I'm using voodoo, truthfully I don't care what I'm using, as long as it WORKS!)

Time to go disinfect.....please, Lord, get my babies back up and running quickly. I hate seeing those glassy eyes and sad faces. Mommy's heart hurts.