Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tiny Dancer....

Not sure which is money better spent in this classes or preschool. Daddy and I have been hoping our kids have better rhythm than us (which truth be told, any rhythm is better than our rhythm), so dance classes are a necessity. But, we've also been hoping this kid is learning something in preschool....

....and apparently, basics like right and left isn't one of them :)

Ry is such a little lover, she had to give her teacher a quick squeeze before she exhibited her amazing 'bear crawl' skills.

At least she's learning (however slowly) to follow directions....she nearly toppled over trying to stay on her red X (per the teacher's instruction). Geez, I love that little squirrel.

And, of course, "Little Foot" had a front row seat to the festivities. She positioned him perfectly so he could watch her every move. I'm convinced this little guy is going to accompany her on her 1st day of high school.

She even decided to share her sticker from class with her baby sister :) We'll see how long this 'sharing' thing lasts.

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