Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Girl!

Rylan birthday girl. Mommy loves you so very much. You are such a joy to our family and to every single person you encounter. Your dance teacher the other day smiled so big when you walked through the door and said, "There's my little ray of sunshine!" Dance and gymnastics have become your favorite places in the world (and some of Mommy's, too). It's so fun to see you jumping and prancing around with your little friends (and actually following directions)'s easy sometimes to flash forward and envision you years older giggling with your girlfriends at a sleepover. I wish sometimes I could wrap you up and keep you THIS age forever and ever. I think I've said that at every stage in your life so far....but this age is definitely my favorite. You're so full of life and love....and you are SUCH a little chatterbox. We were standing in line at the craft store today for close to 10 minutes, and you literally did not shut up the entire time. You had everyone within earshot laughing....until you decided to pass gas. LOUDLY. And, unfortunately, not just loud.....but long. I can honestly say I've never heard anything even close to that come from something so little, and most of the time so cute. It was totally reminiscent of this scene from Step Brothers....down to the little finale. You know, the one where that last high pitched toot comes just when you think it's all over.

You're lucky I love you so much.....I've never turned that shade of red before. EVER.

But, that's you....Rylan Rae. Full of piss and vinegar and every other thing imaginable. You can turn on the charm in 2 seconds flat....only to be in full fledged, alligator sized tears moments later. But, I wouldn't change any of it for the world. I absolutely LOVE your determined, honest, sassy, outgoing personality. Maybe not your moments of SHEER honesty like the one today :) but the other ones.....the ones where you cup my face in your little hands and tell me, "You're the best Mommy EVER."


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