Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Little Magician....

Rylan has apparently discovered magic. She just came running full speed into the kitchen yelling, "MOMMY! MOMMY! You want to see my magic trick?"

"Of course, Rylan. Show me your magic trick."

(Throwing up two little fists, which were both blatantly empty) "Pick a hand, Mommy. Which one has the magic wand in it?!"

(Pointing to the left hand) "That one. That one definitely has the magic wand in it."

(A fit of giggles) "NOPE! Come on, Mommy! Which one has the magic wand in it??!"

(Pointing to the right hand) "Ok, let's try again. That one! That one, MOST definitely, has the magic wand in it."

(Falling down on the floor laughing uncontrollably, throwing both her little empty hands up to show me) "MOMMY!! The magic wand is GONE! I told you it was magic!!"

Still reeling from laughter, she looked up at me and said "Hey! You want to see me make my sisser (sister) disappear?!"

Seeing as though she doesn't have a sisser....apparently she's a pretty decent magician :)

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