Monday, November 29, 2010

Tank You!!!

Rylan's been off the TOBI for 7 days now, so this morning we took her down to our pediatrician's office to get another throat culture done. We should get the results back before the end of the week, fingers and toes crossed that this is another negative! We also started using a nasal mist periodically throughout the day to help with dryness, and it seems to really be helping her. I've noticed the dark circles under her eyes have gotten a lot better.....

She is such a trooper.....she was also due to get a vaccination this morning. Normally, under NO circumstances, will she EVER get up on the bed at the doctor's office. She knows the second she gets laid down on it, someone is either sticking a huge swab down the back of her throat or a needle is getting plunged into her leg. So, we've learned how to maneuver her on my lap for all of it. But, for some reason, today was different. When the nurse came in at the end of the appointment with that needle in his hand, she actually let me put her up on the table! She didn't take her eyes off of him the entire time, BUT she let me lay her down. Wow. So, I held her little hands and on the count of three, both Kohen and I turned our heads, shut our eyes and waited for the wails. And, there they were. LOUD and clear. BUT, the difference today was they lasted a whopping 6 seconds. AND, through her tears, as she's rubbing her bare little leg, she kept sobbing "Tank you....tank you....tank you" to the nurse. Unbelievable. That poor nurse didn't know how to respond. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said in all the years he's been in the medical field NEVER has anyone EVER said thank you after getting a shot. That little girl NEVER ceases to amaze me.....

We got the tree up over the weekend, and read our book "The Elf on the Shelve".....Santa's little scout elf has been working WONDERS in our house! Sibling rivalry is down by about 90 percent and whininess is down by about 30 percent (with a 2 year old diva in the house, ANY decrease in whininess is welcome!!). The kids can't wait to ransack the house every morning looking for the new spot the elf is hiding in! Here is a behind the scenes video of the elves at training camp (this video has become the new household favorite).....enjoy!

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  1. Rylan's acceptance. So sweet, frustrating, empowering, and amazing all in one.

    What a special moment. Thank you for sharing.

    Lots of love from Joshland!