Sunday, October 31, 2010


I love them. I absolutely LOVE them. One of my absolute favorites is Halloween. Every year, we spend Beggars Night (which I'm just learning this year isn't something celebrated EVERYwhere??? What's wrong with you people?! We kid, we kid...) with some dear, dear friends of ours. Our kids are all close to the same age, and we all LOVE a good glass of wine.....what more is there to say?! So given the fact that Beggars Night fell on a Saturday night this year, well.....the rest is history. Happy Halloween!

Beggars Night Eve (is there such a thing??) Coolest. Sunset. Ever.

Pumpkin carving time!!! And no, we DON'T get those pumpkin carving kits. Get out those Sharpie's and knives kids! We do it 'old school style'.....

This picture still cracks me up.....this is the 'scary face' that Kohen wanted to carve in his pumpkin.

Little Miss Olivia the Pig and her sidekick, Iron Man. It took me until the end of the night to figure out why a 2 yr old would leave a pig nose on their face ALL NIGHT LONG! She's used to Bubbles, the nebulizer mask!!!

Aaaannnnnddddd.....they're OFF!!!


We hope everyone had a weekend filled with sugar induced craziness, great jokes, and most importantly, GREAT friends!

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