Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Pumpkin Time!!!

Sunday may have been one of the best days EVER. We traveled to Patch's Pumpkins in Adel and it was SO worth the drive. The kids had a blast, the weather was perfect, AND they had a petting zoo. Seriously, could it get any better?

I don't know what cracks me up more about this picture, the fact that my kids are too cool for school or the miniature donkey in the background!

Really??! I SO could have taken this little guy home with us. SO adorable!

She's never worn sunglasses a day in her life, but she chooses today to wear these horrendous blue Spiderman glasses that were so scratched & finger-printed I'm surprised she could see 2-inches in front of her face.....

Pony ride?? Yes, please! Meet Rylan's new bestfriend. This little old man was so sweet and gentle & Rylan was a natural! Just look at that pose!

Rylan's horse of choice? Thunder. Kohen's horse of choice? Sugar :)

How do you finish off a perfect day? With a big 'ol bowl of soupy ice cream! (and who needs a spoon anyway??!)

Yep, they're dirty all right.

A perfect end to a perfect day....(this was about 2 minutes before the total sugar buzz sent the 2 kids screaming in circles around the table for 20 minutes!)

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  1. What great pics and sweet story to melt your heart. Thanks for sharing!