Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Tomboy.....

So......I love my CF mama friends. LOVE them. I had to swing by the pharmacy today (which I should just have auto drive button on my car for) to pick up some meds and decided to treat myself to a cafe mocha at my favorite local coffee shop. I must 'treat' myself more often than I care to admit, because when I merely pull up to the microphone in the drive through, the barista justs says "Go ahead and pull up, Teresa". Oops. It's just so close to the pharmacy. And I'm always at the pharmacy. And I deserve it, right???

So, as I pull up to the window, Luke (my barista buddy), hands me both my coffee and a tupperware container. He informs me that my friend dropped the package yesterday to give to me the next time I'm in (am I really there that often?!). This is what I find inside....

I had told her recently how different Rylan's birthday party this year will be compared to last year's. Ry is so past being a girly girl (for now anyway) and is really into dinosaurs. She still loves the color pink, but INSISTS that it's blue :) My sorta-kinda-for-the-brief-moment tomboy. Gotta love her. And gotta love my girlfriends. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.

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