Thursday, December 9, 2010

Potty Training Tool!!!

Updates GALORE!!! 1st and foremost, clinic called last week and we got yet ANOTHER culture back that was negative for pseudomonas!! Thank you, God, for this 'little' reprieve. I know how quickly those nasty bugs can sweep in, so I'm just thankful for each and every day that is (for the most part) cough-free.....

This last week has been a VERY eventful one in the Mack house! We are officially pacifier-free AND little Miss Rylan is wearing big girl undies! (Maybe instead of saying it's been an EVENTFUL week, I should say it's been a week full of mishaps, messes, and tantrums??!) I will spare you the adorable pictures of little naked buns running away from the camera and down the hallway, and leave you with this picture instead.....

These cute little monster slippers have been THE BEST tool in getting her potty trained!!! She is one of those sweet little beings that could care less if her pants get soaked, if the barstools get soaked, if the carpet underneath Daddy's office desk gets soaked, if her brother's lego airplane that was placed a little too close to her gets soaked, etc.....BUT, she REFUSES to have her new little monsters slippers get soaked. And what would be the 1st things to pool up if she doesn't make it to the bathroom in time? Yep, you get the, if any of you are knee deep in potty training (and carpet cleaner), I URGE YOU to add new slippers to your child's wish list!!! You won't regret it! And if for whatever reason they don't work for potty training your child, you'll still end up with some REALLY cute pictures that will haunt your child for the rest of their life!!!

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  1. My stepdaughter had a hard time potty training until we let her pick out her own underwear. She choose Princess underwear, of course, and the accidents soon stopped. She simply couldn't stand the thought of peeing on Cinderella's face. ;)

    Great news on the negative culture!