Thursday, February 23, 2012

And the baby's name is.....

What an amazing birthday present. I woke up this morning to find Denise Steim with White Linen Photography had put together an AMAZING little video of some pictures we had taken recently during a family photo session. Needless to say, I'm bawling. Sweet, sappy music mixed with pregnancy hormones, all on top of a 35th birthday (gulp), make for one emotional mama. For all you local people, SHE IS AMAZING. Not only does she donate a considerable amount of her time and talents to charities, but she is excellent with kids. My kids absolutely adore her and have asked multiple times when we get to go back to her house....because apparently I don't draw pink castles quite like Denise does :)

Hope you enjoy....

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  1. ADORABLE pics! Love them all! CUte name! Thanks for sharing some amazing photo memories!