Thursday, January 27, 2011


We have had our house on the market for awhile now.....which has been, ummm, how can I say it.....NOT FUN. I have cleaned this house spick and span so many times, I should have bought stock in Swiffer.

(Funny side note....Kohen can NEVER seem to remember to put his gloves in his coat sleeves, regardless of how many times I remind him....BUT he has the ability to memorize some of the oddest things. He can honestly recite the Swiffer Feather Duster commercial VERBATIM. It's terrible. He told me one afternoon when I was flying through the house like Mary Poppins, duster in hand, that I shouldn't have to dust so much. I thought he was just being sweet, until he followed it up with a "Didn't you know that the Swiffer Feather Duster traps and locks dust better than other dusters"??! No joke.)

But.....the good news is by Valentine's Day (I wonder if my husband planned that one somehow? Not sure if he was going for the best or the worst gift ever.), we have to be completely packed up and moved OUTTA here! You heard me! WE. SOLD. OUR. HOUSE. To some, I'm sure this task would seem totally daunting. Fully moved in 2 weeks??! Wow. But, to our family.....WE ARE THRILLED....especially my husband, who is FULLY committed to taking on this ENTIRE task himself. Hint, hint. Love you, honey!!

These next several weeks are going to be out of control crazy. But, I wouldn't change it for the world. We are so excited to start this next chapter. We have filled this house with a lot of memories. Five years of memories. Some have been beyond wonderful and others....not-so-wonderful. This whole process is definitely bittersweet. But, it's time for another family to step in and create some new ones.....

Now.....I wonder if I should start having Kohen watch real home improvement shows, instead of these silly cartoons? Maybe he could memorize a thing or two and help Daddy build that house I've been dreaming of!? Not sure how much one can really learn from a guy who's only friends are weird talking tools.....

Plus, Mommy thinks Ty Pennington is kind of cute anyway.....


  1. YAY!!! I'm about 97% happy for you and about 3% jealous. ;)

    Moving out of our house is something I've recently been dreaming about, but that's a year or two (or ten) down the road for us.

    Hey, I read on facebook that you got a good news call from clinic. Pseudo free! I suppose that changes the score back up to 100% happy for you.

  2. Okay, so Jenny is a bigger person than I. I'm 3% happy for you and 97% jealous. Referral please. I need that realtor!!

    Oh yeah...
    while I'm thinking of it - wanna buy OUR house? we've never cultured pseudomonas ;-)

    love ya, T.

  3. ROFL! The weird guy with the talking tools!!