Monday, January 23, 2012

31 weeks and counting....and the hormones are raging.

You have no idea what it took for me to finally break down and take this picture. 1st of all, I felt like I was 18 snapping a picture in the bathroom mirror like that. 2nd off, this is baby #3 and there is no part of me that feels cute or like documenting anything about this pregnancy. There are honestly only two pictures in existence of me since this pregnancy began.....and I'm perfectly fine with it. I highly doubt this baby grows up resenting me because I didn't take more pictures of myself resembling an elephant.



I have "significantly elevated fluid levels" surrounding the, my docs thought I may have gestational diabetes. Nope. My blood glucose levels were well within the normal range.

It sometimes means there is some sort of birth defect ( most likely in the trachea) and the baby isn't swallowing properly. Nope. This little booger always has a full little tummy and we've actually seen her swallowing. I've been seeing a high risk doctor (on top of my regular OB visits) because I'm prone to premature delivery, so we've had countless high level ultrasounds. So far, we've seen zero evidence of anything being anatomically amiss.

More than likely, I'm just part of that lucky percentage of people that have high levels of fluid and the doctors have no explanation as to why.


I know I sound like a Negative Nora. Trust me, I am beyond grateful that (from what we are seeing) the baby is healthy. The only 'risk' involved with having high fluid levels is that it makes Mama very big and very uncomfortable....and it irritates the cervix causing early contractions. I can handle all of that. I would much rather deal with a little discomfort (I'm pregnant, for goodness sake! Isn't that what I signed up for??!), than have the little peanut in distress. still sucks. By the end of the day, I feel like I can't possibly stretch any further. I look on my phone and physically count the days until my due date....hoping that I may have miscalculated the day before. Can my stomach really continuing expanding and can this baby really continue growing for another NINE WEEKS?! Is she going to be 11 pounds? With my other pregnancies, I was the happy-go-lucky person most women probably wanted to punch in the face. I loved being pregnant.

This pregnancy? Not so much.

But, check back with me tomorrow. I'll probably be planning pregnancy #4. These mood swings are a bitch.

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  1. Oh I am with you. This is baby number 5 with me, and oh my HUGE.

    Just wanted to say I had high fluid with Caroline. It caused me to go into labor at 24, 30, and then 36 weeks... when I ended up having her. It was so uncomfortable that last leg of the pregnancy, I totally feel for ya!!