Monday, July 18, 2011

Suckers for Sissy Fundraiser!!!

Saturday afternoon, Kohen held his very 1st the 95 degree heat (heat index was somewhere between 105 and 110). Thankfully, we have the greatest group of friends and family, so Suckers for Sissy was still a huge hit! We sold lemonade, homemade lollipops, cookies, and other baked the 100+ degree heat. Our little lemonade stand even raised $ the 100+ degree heat (did I mention that??).

It was so fun to look up each time a new car pulled up to see who climbed out. Even though it literally felt like my face was melting off, I couldn't stop smiling. People really came out to support the 100+ degree heat.

Since we were in Dewey Park in Johnston, Kohen was only slightly concerned about having to 'work' the stand the whole time. Luckily I have some pretty fantastic nieces, so he got to spend the majority of the afternoon getting all hot and sweaty racing around with his buddies. He's already plotting planning his next fundraiser.

How could you not buy a lemonade from that face?

Pretty much sums it all up....

They LOVED helping. I think I got an elbow in my side from the little one when I tried to pour someone a glass of lemonade. Apparently, that was HER job. They got really good at collecting money and working out the change!

And, of course, no day in the life of a 6 year old boy is complete without finding a frog to torment.

She is only mildly infatuated with babies. Actually, any child even remotely smaller than she is is classified as a baby. We can't make it out of Target EVER without a "Oh, MOMMY! Look at that cuuuutttteeee baaabbbbbbyyyyy." Even if that 'baby' is walking and talking next to the grocery cart.

Cooling off.

Did I mention it was really, really hot?

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  1. That's so much money!!! Awesome news, and congratulations!!!