Friday, April 8, 2011

T Time.....

It's funny. When I look back through my blog posts, they rotate almost every other time between being positive and being negative. My hubby would probably say, that's not funny honey....that's what they call bi-polar. Whatever. I say it's called motherhood.

So, keeping up with that comes a happy post :) I wanted to share some details on an upcoming Rylan's Renegades fundraiser! On the 29th of this month, we are hosting a Rally for Rylan Pub Crawl. SO SUPER EXCITED. Our bus capacity is supposed to be 80....we are at 95. Oops :) We are beyond thrilled with the response we've gotten and are looking forward to making it even bigger and better next year!

Unfortunately, we can't take any more people along for the ride...but if you want to purchase a Rylan's Renegades t-shirt, send me a message and let me know! The cost is $20 and all proceeds will benefit our Great Strides team. Love, love, LOVE how they turned out! Rylan's Renegades....Outlaws fighting to cure cystic fibrosis!!!


  1. I love the idea of a Pub Crawl... might have to look into that for next year :D

    Love the shirts as well--can I ask where you had them made? If it was online? I am having no luck with the local places here.


  2. It's actually been a fairly easy fundraiser to plan! Lots of fun, too :)

    A friend of mine works at Innova here in town. I just spoke with her and she said they would love to help you if you would like!

    Shoot me an email ( and I can send you her info. Enjoy your weekend with that beautiful family!!!