Monday, March 14, 2011

Thank you, Petsmart.

You know what is the best (and cheapest!!) kid's entertainment? Petsmart. Seriously, these kids and I spent an hour and a half perusing the aisles today. Or, should I say, they spent an hour and a half running at full speed up and down the aisles.....only pausing long enough to tap on the glass of every fish bowl and reptile or hamster cage. I spent the entire time frantically chasing after them....trying my best to keep them both in sight, while simultaneously smiling and apologizing over my shoulder to every employee that was giving us the evil eye.

Regardless of how worn out I was by the time we left, they had so much fun. Rylan did stop long enough (but of course not long enough for me to snap a picture) to sit and watch the little dogs in doggy daycare. She literally parked her little rump on the ground and sat 'crisscross applesauce' right in front of the glass to watch them run around. The sweetest little white furball came over and reached its paw up at the exact same moment Rylan reached her chubby little paw up to the glass to say hi. Too cute for words.....

THIS is what Kohen tried to convince me we just HAD to have. His reasoning? Apparently having this in his room is all it would take for him to magically not be scared of the dark anymore!! A Chinese Water Dragon. Magic. Who knew?! Needless to say, we left the store with 2 beta fish (in separate bowls of course, I'm not that terrible of a mother), a red guy named Herbie Husker and a blue guy named 'Mine'. Bet you can't guess which one belongs to the 2.5 year old!

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  1. After I take the dogs in to get their nails trimmed, we walk over to the hamsters and they forget the trauma they just went through.